Left to right: Whitney Albert, Brittany Bonin, Lourie Dupuis, Peggy Marler, Ashley Landry, Courtney Dore, Keely Guirard

Management: Top Row from Left to Right: Troy Bourque, Keith Rousseau, Randy Willis. Bottom Row from Left to Right: Joe Bernos, Gerald Johnfroe and Dennis Porter

About / Staff

Charles Perioux, Technical Director
Troy Bourque, SQF Facilitator/PCQI
Anne Ortego, R&D Manager
Jerry Fremin, Quality Control Lab Supervisor
Gerald Johnfroe, Operations Manager
Keith Rousseau, HR/Assistant Operations Manager
Dennis Porter, Processing Manager
Joe Bernos, Safety/Training Director/PCQI
Randy Willis, Director of Special Projects/PCQI
Raychelle Joseph, Quality Assurance Inspector Supervisor
John Mayer, Director of Maintenance
Robert Kelly, Warehouse Manager
Kynan Rabalais, Transportation Manager

Office Staff

Peggy Marler, Chief Financial Officer
Keely Guirard, Assistant Controller/Receivables
Lourie Dupuis, Account Receivables Clerk
Ashley Landry, Accounts Payables Supervisor/Receivables
Whitney Albert, Accounts Payables/Receptionist
Courtney Dore, Payroll & Benefits Administrator
Brittany Bonin, Payroll Assistant